Friday, August 13, 2010

Au Natural

Over the past few weeks runs of natural colored yarns have been arriving back from the spinneries. First the Babydoll Bunny Blend, then a portion of our Romney/Mohair ( which has almost sold out ...but more is coming!) Then on Tuesday I picked up the Bulky yarn I have been waiting for so long to have spun.

The Babydoll/Bunny Blend is a beautiful, soft, heathered grey. Our wool is down,the bunny is silky soft. It is a lofty yarn, wonderful for overdyeing , but beautiful as its natural color as well.
The Romney/Mohair is also our farm blend, created from our Romney sheep's fleeces and our Angora goat's Mohair. The addition of mohair to the wool
is just enough as to not make the yarn "over-fuzzy" as mohair can do, but to provide a soft sheen which also over-dyes beautifully! Then came the Bulky yarn. I had been holding off spinning the bulky until the crisp fall air arrived. I think my timing is right -at least here in Maine. This yarn is a real treat to knit with. Using sz 15 needles, I knit up this cowl from one skein in about an hour.

There is a large amount of
Southdown in the yarn so it is super soft. I may actually start and finish a sweater using the Bulky since it knits up so fast! :)


Julie Schuler said...

It's gorgeous!

The Salty Ewe said...

Beautiful, Kelly. Curious who you use for spinning? And processing? I have been trying different places and still looking for one I can work with more long-term. Any input on Hope Spinnery for me? I wonder if the babydoll fleece is too fine for him to process?