Monday, June 07, 2010

Frolicking at the Frolic

Although my past weekend as a vendor at the Maine Fiber Frolic was filled with frizzy hair, cold hands and wet feet, the rain would not keep me from seeing old friends and making new ones.

Each year, during the Frolic, we all gather and share our lives, that somehow get so far ahead of us, and laugh and cry over the happenings of spring ...lambing, mud season, struggles and gifts, all an importing part of farming and an important part of life.

This year I met the awesome ladies of Starcroft Fiber Mill. Owners of a terrific spinning mill in Monroe Maine, Jani & Leah spin the wool from several of the island sheep flocks here in Maine. One island in particular, Roque Island, located in Downeast Maine, is home to a lovely flock of island sheep as well as my brother Doug and his wife Amy. The Starcroft ladies, while visiting the island, met my brother and also my dad who was visiting for the day. It's a small world and connections in the sheep world can be made, it seems, just about anywhere. I was so happy to meet them, and find that they are right on the same page as me about the farming life and of course ....dogs! Sheep people rock!!!!Hercules and Zeus were a big hit at the Frolic. Hercules, loud and demanding of attention from anyone that would stop and rub his chin, was told over and over again just how cute he was and Zeus was his pleasant quite little self, munching grass and allowing hands to fondle his soft lamb locks.

This week I have been unpacking and restocking my shop. The sheep are anxious to get up on the hill and begin their weed control jobs, and Mom Nature is being kind to us so far with only off and on rain ...unlike last summer which, well, we won't think about. Summer is here ...get out and enjoy it!

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Kathy in KY said...

Hi Kelly: This is my first comment on your blog. I'm glad you had a good time frolicking. The yarn pic is beautiful, such great colors. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog. Take care, from KY.