Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All was well.....

All was well on the little farm. Peaceful and good, sunny and bright. And then one morning, the mercury on the thermometer rose ...and rose ... and suddenly the chickens were panting, beaks ajar, panting as if they were dogs and fanning their wings to keep cool The sheep hid in the dark barn, and the ponies lay in the shade of the maple tree. No one came out in the heat of the day, no one except Joker, who stood in the hot sun and protested the heat. His loud "burp-like" baaaaaas came from deep within him, and suddenly I remembered. He had not been shorn in the spring, Joker needed relief!!!!

A quick call to Jeff, our shearer, and within 20 minutes he had shorn Joker, along with Mabel and Vespa, my two Border Leicesters. As always, Joker's fleece came off looking like a bear rug.

The it was Alice & Mello-Yellow's turn to find relief. My scissors flew around the bunnies' backs and up their bellies. Ahhhhhhhhhh ....what a relief it must be for them. And a treat for me to have these fleeces and beautiful Angora fur to blend into soft roving for spinning.
Today the temperature reached 104 on my deck. Of Course it is in the direct sun with no shade. Standing in the shade makes the outdoors bearable, but still the night time relief is welcome.

After 4 o'clock chores, we are headed for the beach.:)

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