Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After work today I decided to dye some wool fabric for wool pillows. The dye pot was still hot and contained some fabric when dinner time rolled around, so I set it out on the deck to cool. Who do you suppose wandered up when I wasn't looking?? You guessed it ... Romeo! Well it doesn't surprise me that he had to investigate to big black pot, and it didn't surprise me that he had to taste what was in the big black pot....

Last week I was painting the doors to my yarn shop and he slurped down some paint while I wasn't looking.

Last Saturday night we invited some friends over for drinks and s'mores. Romeo knocked me over for a glass of wine I was drinking, stole my husband's beer, and ate the marshmallows off the sticks!

I never have to ask "where for art thou Romeo!" It is well known that he is always where he shouldn't be....

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