Friday, July 27, 2007

August Already?

Time is flying by.... when I wrote a check today I realized it was almost August!

My lambs have been growing beautifully! Here is Marigold, almost too big to hold now. Socks is her mom, but she is built like her dad.

I dyed up a few batches of roving for something new to spin. Been working on a cabled vest, and getting ready for the class I will be teaching at Fiber College in September. Check it out. It is a GREAT event.


Laurie Sharp said...

What a cutie! I just love all of the photos of the animals! I have Babydolls, too. They're so wonderful. Mine are pretty fat, but happy!

Dream Come True Farm said...

Lady Bug is adorable! And so are all the lambs. You are so right when you say "every little girl should have a pony" BUT so should all us big girls. Who was that mini for????????? Good Luck with her, she is lucky Romney Ridge found her.