Sunday, April 15, 2007

We Are In Hobby Farms Magazine!

On a cold February day, a wonderful photographer named Dusty Perin, and her husband visited us to take pictures for the May-June issue of Hobby Farms Magazine. It was during one of this spring's cold snaps and I was shearing the next day...and hoping for warmer temps. She spent a great deal of time taking pictures of my Babydolls and then joined us for tea and cookies to warm up. Joker, my ram was a fairly good boy, though her husband played matador for a few minutes while we picked hay off from the ewes heads to make them look presentable.

In the end, it was Joker and I that made the cut. Thank you Dusty and thank you Hobby Farms Magazine! :)


Del said...

Love the updates of the lambs. Now I'm going on a search for Hobby Farms magazine.

The Woolley Farm said...

Kelly, you look adorable! What a thrill for you---congratulations.